Implement Double Standards, Not Emission Standards: Citizens of India

Citizens of India have delivered a petition to the Environmentally Unconscious Ministry, asking for more crooked ways of decision and policy making.

“System change will lead to cultural shock among the masses. Besides that, we cannot afford to let go of our traditions of compromising on our wellbeing. There’s a growing sense of comfort in knowing there’s a clear bias in regulations and scrutiny over various sectors.” says Nayan Maheshwari, a resident of East Delhi.

East Delhi is known for its old, extremely polluting coal-fired power plant in Badarpur. Despite many efforts, the pollution emissions have not been standardised nor regulated for many such power plants across India. Implementing substandard policies in lieu of implementing emission standards seems more realistic, according to a government official.

The Environmentally Unconscious Ministry is looking into the request and has promised to respond by 32nd June 2018.