Government Accepts All Demands; Greenpeace Happy and Clueless

In a rather unexpected move by the Ministry of Environmentally Unconscious, all demands put forth by environmental activists and Greenpeace India have been accepted, earlier this morning.

In an announcement sent exclusively to the Pastimes of India network, the ministry has released action plans to ensure India’s air, water, forests and its people are safe and healthy.

Greenpeace and its activists are rejoicing this victory, and yet, at the same time are facing with sudden existential crisis after having existed for over 70 years fighting environmental crimes around the world. “It’s a feeling I cannot describe, I never knew joblessness could feel so good” said Greenpeace India Executive Director, with a smile and tears.

Many Greenpeace staff members are planning to join other civil society forces, or even join the government to strengthen the action plans. “We waited for this day, for many years. It’s finally here. The environment is safe, and so are we!” said Deb Kapur, a staff at Greenpeace India.