Breaking News: Brave Activists Take Bold Action Against Air Pollution!

Greenpeace India activists deliver a message against air pollution

Today we're taking the air pollution message to Delhi and Mumbai in style.Join the movement #MyRightToBreatheWatch Now!

Posted by Greenpeace India on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

On March 20th 2018,
16 activists stood in a non-violent protest outside the Badarpur Thermal Power Plant in Delhi. These activists demanded the Ministry of Environment to help India break free from air pollution, by protesting at one of the biggest sources of pollution in India.

“It’s symbolic to stand here and demand urgent action from the ministry to implement thermal power standards under a national clean air programme. There are many sources of air pollution here, one is behind us in form of a coal power plant, not too far, we have a huge waste dumping yard, which often catches fire releasing hazardous gases in the air, and as you can see on the flyover, vehicular pollution is adding to the city’s worsening air quality. This location represents a combination of what goes in in our cities everyday” says Sunil Dahiya, Greenpeace India campaigner for clean air.

Simultaneously, activists in Mumbai deployed a 60x20ft banner from Vashi bridge to highlight the contribution of fossil fuels to the air pollution crisis in Western and Southern Indian cities. According to a Greenpeace India spokesperson, fossil fuel burning includes both coal-fired power plants and vehicular emissions. It’s critical India breaks free from fossil fuel, and embraces clean energy.

Banupriya, one of the activist-climbers said, “I am here as a citizen of India to stand up for my right to clean air. Mumbai has seen a huge rise in air pollution levels, and today I want to voice my concern. At this rate, Mumbai will start reaching dangerous levels of air pollution, already the PM2.5 levels are at 300+ since 19th March. This is way over the safety limit of 60 in India.”