Air Pollution is An Urban Legend – New Study

In the past few years, studies have shown that liberal arts and media has much broader repercussions on the mental state of urban youth. It affects not just the individual, but is also hurting the development of our nation.

One such study conducted in India, by Dr. Buddhi Heen, who is a research professor at the Center for Fact-Busting, said in an interview “Today’s youth is a confused lot. They say that they don’t believe in god and religion, because they don’t see it. But they believe in air pollution, which is also invisible! There is a clinical term for such disorders, it’s called Intellecta Expose, it’s a serious condition that not many people are aware of”.

Air pollution is invisible because it doesn’t exist. If there is poison in the air, why are we not choking and dying, Heen added.

Dr. Buddhi Heen’s latest book, a work of fiction, called Climate Change is an Urban Legend was awarded by the global oil and gas conglomerate last year.